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Pet Suites

Animal Hospital of Orange Grove Kennels
Animal Hospital of Orange Grove Kennels
Our Pet Suites boarding area.
Animal Hospital of Orange Grove Yard

Animal Hospital of Orange Grove is pleased to offer boarding services to the Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi areas. The next time you need to leave town, we can provide your pet with a great 2nd home… Let them stay with us! The boarding facility at our hospital is extremely modern with all the comforts of home.

For our canine boarders, we provide our luxurious pet suites with plenty of room for your pooch to play and relax. We offer 4'x6' suites and one even larger 7'x7' suite. All of our pet suites have glass front doors that allow us to keep a close watch on your pet and also allows them to keep an eye on all the interesting things going on around them. We provide several bedding options including traditional soft dog beds as well as raised cots and padded blankets/towels that remain in your pet's suite for maximum comfort. Your pooch always has access to fresh water and we provide Science Diet brand Sensitive Stomach and Skin dog food that usually sits well with our boarding guests. As for outside time, we have a large fenced-in back yard where they can do their business and get some play time in with our awesome kennel techs.

For our feline friends, we offer spacious kitty condos that allow your baby the purrrrfect amount of room to relax. We have plenty of blankets for optimum snuggling and fresh water and litter boxes to make your cat comfortable. We also provide Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry cat food and even some kitty friendly toys so your feline fur-baby can play. For our nervous kitties we operate a stress reducing diffuser containing Feliway.

For the safety of your pet and others, all dogs and cats must be current on vaccinations and must be flea free. If you are unsure of your pet’s vaccination status, we ask that you call ahead to make sure all appropriate vaccinations have been administered. Our guests must be current with standard, core vaccinations and our canine guests must be current on Canine Flu vaccine. Our doctors can examine and administer any needed, core vaccines. Also feel free to send any special toys or blankets that will make your four-legged friend feel at home and if your pet needs a special diet we will of course feed any special food you supply. We stock Science Diet Hill's prescription foods so we can also supply those if needed.

Our boarding facility fills up quickly, especially during holidays, so please call ahead to reserve space for your furry family member.