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Yearly Exams

Optimal care for your pet begins with yearly veterinary exams and preventative care. It is important to remember that as a general rule, our furry family member’s age at a rate of approximately seven years to each single human year. At the Animal Hospital of Orange Grove, our experienced veterinarians understand that preventative animal care is nearly always more effective and less expensive than treating conditions long after they begin.

At the Animal Hospital of Orange Grove, our yearly exams include a physical examination which involves an external review of your pet’s overall condition, ear check, an oral inspection of the teeth and gums, optical exam, and heart evaluation with stethoscope. At the yearly exam for your pet, our careful doctors will also ensure that your pet is current on their vaccinations, as well as heartworm and flea and tick prevention. Finally, the Animal Hospital of Orange Grove has a state-of-the-art blood work laboratory right in our clinic, and blood work will be performed as necessary.

The preventative care at Animal Hospital of Orange Grove is designed to help your pet companion to be healthy as long as possible. Our experienced veterinarians will create a long-term healthcare plan with your pet’s specific needs in mind. Please call one of our team members today at 228-832-6360, and have your pet become a part of the family at Animal Hospital of Orange Grove today.