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Heartworm Testing and Treatment

Heartworms have been diagnosed in all fifty states, but are especially prevalent along with Mississippi Gulf Coast. Heartworms are transmitted from one infected animal to another through the bite of a mosquito, and can infect both dogs as well as cats.

The doctors at the Animal Hospital of Orange Grove can perform accurate testing to determine your dog’s heartworm status while you wait. A blood test that identifies antigen produced by heartworms can tell our doctors right away if your dog is heartworm positive.

If your dog is identified as heartworm positive, there is good news in that an effective treatment is available. Your dog can be treated with a drug that will kill the adult heartworms that have infected your dog. This treatment is generally safe and the outcome is normally very favorable for an infected dog.

The best and most effective way to deal with heartworms is to prevent them. For our feline friends, prevention is the only option available, as there is no treatment for heartworm disease in cats. The Animal Hospital of Orange Grove has several heartworm preventative options including oral tablets, an injectable product, as well as topical solutions that can be applied to the back of your pet’s neck. Prevention is always less expensive and more effective than treatment of heartworm disease.

Call our team members at 228-832-6360 to have your pet tested for heartworm disease. One of our experienced veterinarians can advise you of the best heartworm preventative for the life of your dog or cat.