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Electrocardiography Services

An electrocardiogram (more commonly known as EKG) is a test that can determine if your pet has issues with the activity of their heart. At the Animal Hospital of Orange Grove, we have one of the most advanced EKG monitoring systems available in veterinary medicine for the health of your pet.

The EKG monitor at our hospital provides our experienced doctors a read out of the electrical activity of the heart of the animal. An EKG can give an indication of tachycardia (high heart rate), bradycardia (low heart rate), arrhythmia, heart blocks and even heart attacks. Our doctors also use our EKG system to ensure patients are properly responding when placed on medications for their heart. In unique cases, our veterinarians also consult with cardiology specialists, so treatment can begin immediately if necessary.

The advanced diagnostic tools available at the Animal Hospital of Orange Grove help our veterinarians practice the highest level of medicine available on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Become a part of our family today by calling 228-832-6360, to schedule an appointment for your constant companion.