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Dr. Amy Anderson

Dr. Amy Anderson is the newest addition to our staff. Having grown up with a veterinarian father, she spent much of her childhood at his veterinary clinic and naturally followed in his footsteps. She proudly carried on his tradition by graduating from Mississippi State School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. Since graduating, Dr. Amy has explored many areas of private practice including relief work, practice ownership and specialized surgical internships. Dr. Amy is excited to be fulfilling a lifelong dream of moving her family of 3 two legged children and 4 four legged children close to the sand and sea. Dr. Amy specializes in diagnostics, surgery and neurology. She is also a registered dietitian and was recently selected to visit the Science Diet plant, so she has a keen interest in nutrition. Her golden retriever, Babe, is close to her heart and pets are her passion. She prides herself with providing the same level of care to your pets as she does to her own. Dr. Amy has also graciously agreed to be addressed as Dr. Amy to avoid confusion with our existing Dr. Anderson. As far as both know, they are not related!